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Vanguard Veteran and Civilian Champions with Retired Lt. Colonel Kathy Gallowitz

March 16, 2023 Sam Yates Season 2 Episode 101
The Great American Senior Show
Vanguard Veteran and Civilian Champions with Retired Lt. Colonel Kathy Gallowitz
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Show Notes

Thank You for Your Service, a thought provoking and informative book that is a must read for civilians and veterans alike provides some of the core thoughts for Lt. Colonel Kathy Gallowitz (Retired), on why she formed Vanguard Veteran and how its Mission is critical to veterans nationwide.

Sam Yates, host of The Great American Senior Show, recorded several episodes with Colonel Gallowitz to showcase how civilian employers and the public can access a valuable resource -- our men and women who have worn the uniform of America's Military Armed Forces. 

Episode One takes a look at Colonel Gallowitz background and some of the underlying philosophies that make her quest so important.

Listen in to find out how you can Be Part of The Win!

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